The Ultimate List of Great Discounts for College Students

Being a student is rough for large portions of time, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t get certain perks from your status that others don’t. Of course, we’re talking about the various discounts that are given to students and only to them.

In the following, we’ll introduce you to what exactly you can purchase for a discount for as long as you’re a student. These are sure to make you feel a tad better about yourself and will definitely take you by surprise.

Discounts By Category

  • Food 

While the discounts on food might differ from location to location, they exist, which is better than nothing. Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway are just a few of the fast food chains that care about students.

At McDonald’s, for instance, you can get as much as 10% per order, while Pizza Hut are more generous and offer discounts of up to 15%. The 10% mark is hit by Dunkin’ Donuts, Taco Bell and Burger King, as well.

  • Electronics and Software 

In this category, the most valuable discount is the one offered by Logitech if you order online: 30%. Yes, you read that right, it’s 30%. Microsoft offers a 10% discount if you purchase products from their stores.

The Apple discount is by no means negligible, considering that you can get over $150 off a MacBook. If you’re into Spotify, your monthly subscription as a student will be $5 instead of $10, the normal price.

The Norton Antivirus can be purchased by students for half the price.

  • Shopping
  1. Crew leads the way with 15% if you purchase from their stores. Same thing goes for Kate Spade. If you order online from TopShop, you get 10% off your order. These discounts might not look like much, but they do make a difference once you’ve put something in your shopping cart.

Goodwill also offers a discount of 10%, as does Steve Madden, TOMS, Charlotte Russe and The Limited. There are many other retail and clothing shops that give students the chance to purchase clothes at a sale.

However, many of their discounts are not permanent, which means that you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss out on any of them once they’re in vigor. The Internet is also a good source of dates and general information concerning the various discounts that are given out by stores once in a while.

The Bottom Line

Going to college is insanely expensive. You’ve got to pay for tutoring, online writing service to “help me write my paper,” textbooks, rent and whatnot, so any discount, no matter how small, is a godsend. Again, these discounts can differ from location to location. They are not universal.

We advise you to ask what offers there are for students before you buy anything, be it something as small as a pair of sneakers. We hope that you’ve found this list useful and that you’ll be passing it on to your colleagues.


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