Important Note About Portland MFM Workshop


Workshop in Portland on 25th – 27th is full.

If you didn’t receive confirmation form Lisa, Lindsay or Amber that we know you’re coming to the event, please note there likely won’t be a seat – We are completely maxed out w/ 200 confirmed. That’s all they’ll allow in the room we planned for!

For those showing up on Friday afternoon/evening, we’ll have free drinks & great food for our networking meet up–

Looking forward to seeing those coming!

I’ll be posting worksheets in “The Vault” this week that I’d like you to print and bring with you for Sat.

I’ll send an email on that soon.

If you don’t get all of our emails it’s likely because you opted out of our list at one time.  If you feel you may not be getting some of our emails, ask us to check to see if you’re on the opt out list and we’ll see how to get you back on.  Email with subject:  I’m not getting all the emails
Partners in success!

Mike Klingler

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