There Are Some Things I May Never Teach You…

If you’ve been in the “attraction marketing” industry very long you know I do things quite a bit differently than my peers.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t teach you A TON that I can’t.
I once studied how to use psychology and “emotional triggers” to elicit a certain response from people.  We studied this in business school, psychology and journalism (where I focused on advertising).
I hated the idea of it.
I actually left the University of Oregon my Senior year (this is almost 20 years ago) because I loathed the thought of it… I loathed the idea of even participating in capitalism altogether because all I saw was a system out to influence others for their own personal gain with little concern for the long term consequences (I still see this in the pharmaceutical and food industries, among politics and other big markets).
But somewhere along the way, I realized I could use what I learned to HELP others.  I realized that if I didn’t, I would have very little influence and could make very little difference.
So I jumped into business and marketing with both feet.  And most of you know my story afterward.  Millions produced by helping people get what they want.
But if I didn’t understand how to move large groups of people into action nothing would happen.  My training wouldn’t be watched and thousands of people would be doing something very different in their lives than they are now.
I don’t teach a lot on using psychology and emotional triggers to create a “buyer’s rush.”  One person simply cannot teach everything.  You have to dive into other sources.
So I’m referring you again to Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd who have been a team for quite some time.  They are very effective teachers at this very thing (how to get people excited about doing what you want them to do).
I’m going to trust you are in business for good.
I’d like to focus you today on Mark’s video (that’s video 2, which you’ll see in there).
He’s talking about ‘creating a buyer’s rush’ —
It’s a fantastic free training that will teach many of you something likely missing from your marketing and overall game plan.

I’m sure it will make a big difference for you.

Mike Klingler

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