Optimizing the “Boiling Point”

You know the saying, “If you can’t take the heat…”

There have been a TON of launches lately.

Admittedly, it’s been intense lately on me as well… there has been more going on in this industry lately than ever before.
I’ve introduced you to some of the launches over the past two months with a degree of hesitation.
I’ve hesitated because I know it can be distracting.
That was a part of what led me to develop Marketing Funnel Mastery

To help you put everything you’re introduced to into perspective as your business matures.

If you’re committed to taking things to the next level, it’s imperative you learn to manage all this information.
There is a way to remain open and ‘in tune’ with what’s happening in your industry without becoming  overwhelmed emotionally.
I feel we are very near to hitting a “boiling point” in this industry–where so much training has been made available but not enough time has passed for people to implement it.
I believe the industry is about to hit a major critical mass “tipping point” — where a surge of new leadership is about to be born (exponentially increasing the value provided in the industry and opening the flood gates to new people entering).  This is great news and is directly connected to all the first-class training and resources made available in the last two years.
But there will still be people entering brand new–who will need to start at the beginning.  Stay connected to these resources, such as Renegade Professional, so you can continue helping people at that stage who need it.
Don’t lose perspective of what it feels like to be ‘brand new’ and don’t forget that what is basic to you NOW is essential for them.
And as this industry continues to evolve stay aware of all the different ‘stages’ and areas of development needed within someone’s funnel — Marketing Funnel Mastery will help you maintain that perspective.
You’ve likely heard about this new training from Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson–about how to create launches.
If they hadn’t offered so much excellent free training content I wouldn’t be referring you to this right now.  But if you’ve started building a list or generating leads, this is some great free content.
Their marketing style is much different from mine and I encourage you to keep perspective as you review the material.  They are extremely good at doing what they are teaching you how to do here so be aware of that and learn from it–taking the parts that serve you.
Click for some great free training on How To Do Your Own Launches and Create Buzz with your list & audience.  This relates most to the back-end of your funnel but there are things in here that will serve you throughout your entire sales process–mainly watch how they market to you as they are applying exactly what they are teaching.  That’s what I love about their style of marketing… learn by seeing what they do.
Marketing Funnel Mastery will continue to help you keep it in perspective.  Remember, Class 2 is on June 8th.
Partners in success,

Mike Klingler

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