Developing Your Front End with More Traffic (A Lot More)…

If you made it onto Class 1 of Marketing Funnel Mastery earlier this month, you know about the “Sweet Spots” in your funnel.

The first “Sweet Spot” is the traffic coming into the front-end of your funnel.  Of course nothing happens without good attention placed here.

You have two choices for beefing up this first stage of your funnel:

– There’s the “content funnel” that is slower but free (blog, social media, etc) and
– The “advertising funnel” that can be fast but has a cost.

Many of the people who really excel (like some of the big names you know in the industry) use the advertising funnel and their secret is to sell a low cost information product at the front-end (immediately upon collecting the lead) to break even on the cost.  Then they make their money on the back end as they build their list super fast for free.  Others can’t compete with them because they can afford to build their lists quickly… they basically get a free ad budget!

If you tried advertising in the past but with using a ‘system’ or selling some one else’s affiliate product on the front-end, that doesn’t work (as I’ve explained in my Marketing Funnel Mastery Class 1).

You will do far better offering your own simple free product upfront immediately after collecting the lead (only use affiliate products in your funnel on the back end as I’ve explained in Marketing Funnel Mastery).  Your product can be quite simple and low cost (e-book, video series, etc).

When it comes to learning how to apply this correctly using PPC (Google Adwords) no one can show you how to set up your campaigns better than Mark Hoverson and Jonathan Budd.

Their class fits perfectly into the Marketing Funnel Mastery series I’ve created for you, but theirs is focused entirely on PPC (developing out the first sweet spot area using Google ads– to beef up the traffic on your front-end).

It may appear ‘spendy’ at first–but not at all when you consider what it’s teaching you how to do.  This is how you build a big list quickly… this is how the big names in the industry are doing it.

While it’s framed for those of you in the networking industry, I believe it can be highly profitable for any funnel and any product or business model.

Whatever you do, stay focused on develping out those funnels!

Bringing you the best,
Mike Klingler

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