Big Untapped Advantage…

As you know, my focus for you ALL this year is to get you ‘cash-flowing’ your funnel.

With over 300+ people attending our event in Portland in June, and judging by the maxed-out webinar last week — I’d say THIS is a topic people have been waiting for!

Optimizing Your Untapped Advantage (applying both funnel types)…

You can choose to use one of two funnel types.

(You likely already do ONE of these more than the other)–

1. The “Content” Funnel (blog, site, social media)


2. The “Advertising” Funnel (like PPC on Google Adwords)

Knowing how to use both can super-charge your business, big-time.

I’ve spent the last 2.5 years mainly teaching you the content funnel.

The content funnel has treated me well… generating millions through marketing only through content on my blog, emails and through social media–just as we teach in Renegade Professional.

If you’ve focused a lot on the content funnel… you have some BIG advantages

(Because people who ONLY focus on PPC often don’t learn what it means to provide value–they often don’t know how to develop the back-end of their funnel because so much emphasis can be put on capturing the lead they never learn what to do after they have one to fully maximize).

The exceptions are the people whose names you know (who often use both)… who are super successful because they’ve mastered the Ad Funnel and back it up with the Content Funnel.

If you’ve learned the content funnel (with a site, blog, social media)… you’re in a fantastic position to dominate with an Ad Funnel very quickly.

When you apply some aspects of the Advertising Funnel to build up the #1 entry point of your front-end (getting in more traffic) things can really take off for you!

Remember the underdeveloped “Sweet Spots” we’ve been talking about?

You might remember in Marketing Funnel Mastery, Class 1, I talked about developing¬† out your “sweet spots”.

The first sweet spot in the funnel is traffic.

Adding PPC to your blogging or social media ‘content funnel’ can have amazing results.

This week you’ll be hearing again from a friend and business partner of mine, Mark Hoverson, as well as Jonathan Budd–two millionaires who can teach you PPC (pay per click advertising) for lead generation in ways that I can’t.¬† That has been their focus and they know how to get a return on their upfront advertising investment immediately with a properly constructed Sweet Spot #1 and 2.

Then consider opting in for some amazing free training on the Ad Funnel using PPC from Mark & Jonathan.

Continually bringing you the best,
Mike Klingler

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