Can Renegade University Members Refer New Students to “Renegade Professional” On Thursday, April 2nd?

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked if new Renegade University members will be able to refer new students to Renegade Professional on Thursday when we open our doors.

Yes, you will be able to. It’s important to understand though that you won’t receive residual commissions unless you become a Renegade Professional student or trainer yourself, but you will be able to receive one-time commissions for referring new students even if you are a free member.

The value offered to those you refer is over-the-top.

We’re not teaching everyone to duplicate the exact same message (that is where other online systems go wrong). The success of our students is attributed to the fact that we’re teaching you how to duplicate Attraction Marketing principles through a duplicatable learning process–so each individual can create their own unique message and business structure that suits them personally (their strengths, business, industry, products, goals and experiences).

We open to new students on Thursday at noon EST (11 am to those who downloaded The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto). There will be some awesome bonuses (I mean REAL value here) for those who join early so download the Manifesto and read it if you haven’t yet.

It is likely that we’ll only be open for a day or so. The interest in joining Professional has been overwhelming and we’d like to manage the growth at a reasonable pace. It’s important to us that new students get the same level of support and attention we’ve given to our existing students.

So if you have downline or associates you’d like to refer to the Professional training, look for a link from me on Thursday morning.

Prepare New Students for April 2nd Ahead of Time

I suggest preparing others for the re-opening of Professional now. Let them know you will have a link to give to them on Thursday. Have your emails ready to send (pre-written) before then.

Keep any discussion of the launch of Professional “value based”… always offer something useful in the same ‘breathe’ where you promote something. This significantly increases your results and boosts your credibility ranking with your audience (“credibility ranking” is discussed in the Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto–you may want to review that book again to help you take optimal advantage of what’s to come as home based business booms online this year).

By the way, there will be other products offered (during the checkout process) for those enrolling as new students at Renegade Professional. These additional training resources represent some additional (phenomenal) value for new students who enter Professional, but they also represent additional affiliate income for you.

Again, look for an email from me (and Ann) on Thursday with your link to the Renegade Professional sales page. But prepare your audience for it now so they’ll be ready when you send that link to them Thursday.

Looking forward to a VERY exciting year as this entrepreneurial revolution we call Attraction Marketing unfolds.
Partners in success!

Mike Klingler

P.S. In case you missed this, click to hear my response to Ann Sieg’s video interview question about “What Makes Renegade Professional So Different?”

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