A Follow Up On The Tweeter Getter List Building Tool For Growing Your Twitter Followers List

Join Mike Klingler in a discussion on Facebook (about Twitter for business) by clicking his picture.I wrote about a new Twitter list building tool called Tweeter Getter last week, and I suggested to proceed with caution… Well, here is an updated ‘perspective’ (after increasing my Twitter list size significantly within just a few days) –I’ve lightened up quite a bit on my opinion of Tweeter Getter and actually am taking this tool quite seriously as a unique opportunity for people to build a following (and quality relationships based on value and dialogue)–I’ll explain.

First though, I have to say… if you’re not using Twitter to build relationships for your business, you certainly should be. It’s the simplest and most effective networking tool I’ve seen and used for business.

I’ve also been watching the followers list grow for others who started promoting Tweeter Getter, so I’m convinced it is indeed working (if you promote it properly and respectfully).

Because of the fast results and some great conversations with new followers who came to me from Tweeter Getter, I’m liking what I see so far.  That’s why today I’ve started a quick Google campaign for it, and a Face book Ad campaign (and added some credits to my Traffic Exchange ads to promote it).  I think this is a unique opportunity that a lot of social marketing “purists” are going to miss out on.

I do understand their concerns… I just don’t think those concerns apply to Tweeter Getter if it is marketed correctly (it’s not like spammy tools we have seen used at YouTube or Facebook to build a list)… Tweeter Getter can be used respectfully of others, which I’ll explain.

But I Do Still Believe You Need to Use Some Caution… If you’re going to use this to build your followers list, it needs to be done ‘mindfully’…

Tweeter Getter is, by nature, going to be controversial tool in the Twitter community–most people (non marketers in particular) don’t ‘get’ the benefit of growing a Twitter following.
The controversy: Promoting anything constantly (and with no regard for other’s perceptions) on Twitter will be considered by many people to be quite annoying. That is understandable. If you go to search.twitter.com and type in tweetergetter you will be able to read from all the people who hate it for just this reason…

And some just don’t like viral tools in general… for the same reason they don’t like MLM or network marketing.

In addition, many ‘marketers’ do not believe in short cuts to building a list or following. They teach to build relationships (and I agree).

But remember, as people join your list through TweeterGetter or any other means, it is worthless to you unless you learn to provide value (discussions, and assisting people with their needs).  As long as you do that, you’ll build quality relationships and generate business with Twitter regardless of where the ‘followers’ on your list came from (assuming they are in your target market).  Note that those who join through TweeterGetter are most likely business or marketing minded as an audience.  If that fits your business’ target market it is a good fit.  If not, it’s not going to be helpful for you to promote TweeterGetter.

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