Yes You Can Build Your Network Marketing Business… Yes, You Can!

When I was struggling building my first blog, getting traffic to my website, building a customer & prospects list, and trying to figure out how to get people buying or calling me first without having to work so hard, I was overwhelmed because I’d never done any of it before.
But once I got over my emotional resistance to learning something new, everything changed.  Within a six month period, I went from being burned out by my business to being totally energized.
Even though I was successful working from home for 14 years (doing things the ‘old way’) it was tough.  Real tough.  I thought it had to be.
Now I know that’s simply not the case.
I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to see hundreds of my clients who I now teach finally get results in their business through the “attraction methods.”  A lot of them have life-changing perception shifts from just the free training available.
When I taught people the old way of business building (cold calling, prospecting like “Dani Johnson,” or home meetings, etc), it was brutal.  There’s just no comparison between the two approaches.  One is based on attracting business by giving people value first (and then selling afterward), while the “old way” is based on hardcore front-end selling with the value given only after the sale is made (as you try to convince the prospect that you’re not selling them something).
Investing some time upfront to attract your business consistently just makes sense.
Are You Willing to “Make Time” to Save Yourself Years of Time?
If you haven’t made time to go through some of the training in Step 3 at your free University training account, I suggest you find time to do that now.
Please don’t make the same mistake I did…
Don’t resist learning new things that can change
EVERY thing in your life & business.
I was so stubborn (and I thought that was an asset because I ‘never quit.’)  Now I know better.
Now I know that ‘never quitting’ doesn’t mean ‘never try a new approach’ to building your business.
If you don’t know how to attract business to you, and you’re still chasing it, you’re losing out big time.  You’re losing more than time… you’re losing out on all the missed opportunities that success brings.
Watch at least one training tutorial now in the Step 3 area at the University.  Set a little time aside to do so.  It’s time well spent because if you follow through here, it will save you years of time in accomplishing the goals you deserve and CAN have if you learn how to use attraction marketing (and yes, you CAN learn it, just as thousands of others recently have in the last two years who now enjoy a successful business from their home).
Have you forgotten how to Login to the University?
If you’ve forgotten how to log into your account at the University so you can watch the tutorials in Step 3, I’ll give you some quick instructions below so you can get your tail back in there and see these.
Go to
Click on the “University” link at the top part of the site.
Enter your login details that you set up with your account.
If you forgot them, you can have them emailed to you
Once logged in, immediately go to “Step 3” at the site.  The training tutorials are on the left side.
If you would like to get thorough detailed instruction from me personally, where I take you click-by-click through setting things up online, take advantage of the 7 day Trial you’ll find at the bottom of the Step 3 page.

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