Network Marketers: Get People to Your Website, Get Them Calling You First, Build Your First Blog… and More

If you’re already attracting prospects, making tons of sales, building a list and enjoying the good life of attraction marketing, there’s only one benefit we can offer you.

But it’s HUGE:

Leverage us to teach your prospects, clients, and team attraction online marketing… then take all the credit for it!  The system allows you to brand yourself and guide others through setting their own attaction marketing up online, to grow their business (whatever that business is).

Learn more About Marketing Merge so you can leverage your time and help more people move forward.

If you’re an intermediate attraction marketer…

Do you already have a website you’ve started (like SBI or something else online) but you don’t get enough people to it?

Get traffic to your site without paying for the traffic!

Want to know how to get your site ranking on the top search engines for thousands of different search terms so your target prospects can find you?

Here’s some proof that my simple strategies work:

I just launched the new version of (one of the sites I put together to generate leads for our membership). Within days of the launch, it is now on the front page of Yahoo for serach terms like: Network Marketing, Internet Work Marketing, Network Marketing Training and much more.

Go See For Yourself

Go to and do a search.

I’ll teach you how to get your web site found by hundreds of prospects every week by following the exact same strategy I use. You’ll learn how to target tens of thousands of different key word search terms in your own industry (if your target audience is the same market I’m after, there are easier and more effective search terms you can focus on… I just like to show off to prove that my strategies work so I go after the most competitive ones).

Want an easier (and very inexpensive) way to build a professional looking website?

Join our blogging course… it’s as easy as following me click-by-click as we build your blog while you’re watching me build mine from start to finish.

Getting traffic but nobody’s calling or joining your list?

Our training teaches you how to get them calling and joining your list.

Have you started attracting leads but you aren’t sure what to say to use ‘attraction principles’ on the phone?

Alicia will teach you attraction prospecting / calling on the phone with the consultative approach.

Need a simple forumla for creating content (for your emails or blog and site posts)?

You’ll be able to follow our Writing with Pull Class, which has transformed the businesses of hundreds of poeple by giving them the words to attract their prospects online.

Want help creating emails and setting up a campaign that get prospects calling? We deliver here as well.

Think you can’t do it? Think you can’t set things up to attract business to you?

Yes, you can build a network marketing business through attraction online marketing!  Yes, you can.


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