Twitter Dos & Don’ts For Building your Network Marketing Opportunity

Twitter is a great tool to use to build your network marketing opportunity. Many network marketers are reporting fantastic results from using it. However there are also many network marketers who struggle to use it effectively.

Using Twitter the right way can help you meet excellent prospects for both your product as well as your business opportunity. Using Twitter the wrong way can get you blocked from the website. It’s important to learn how to use Twitter so that it becomes a social marketing campaign you can use effectively.

To help you avoid this, here are some dos and don’ts for using Twitter to build network marketing opportunities:

Build Relationships – Don’t Spam People with Your Network Marketing Business

One of the best ways to use Twitter to build your network marketing business is to build relationships. Blogs and blogging for lead generation are fantastic platforms  for doing this and another technique to continue to maintain these relationships is through Twitter, a micro-blogging platform where people can quickly share what they are doing at a given moment.

As a result you can view what they have shared and make comments to anything that you come across. Conversations can start and who knows where they might end up. In fact they may end up with you talking about your network marketing opportunity.

That being said it is never a good idea to simply start replying to people and pitching your business opportunity. That is considered SPAM and will immediately trigger complaints and get your account banned from Twitter.

There is a right way and there is a wrong way to promote your network marketing business using social marketing with  Twitter, which is just one of many social networking sites.

One way is similar to the “three foot rule” approach offline. People who effectively use the three foot rule offline actually engage in a good conversation with the prospect before seeing if the prospect may have an interest in their business opportunity.

The same applies on Twitter. As you continue to send messages back and forth to people some of the conversations may indicate this person might be a potential prospect for your business. If so, ask them if they are open to a business opportunity.

Avoid Follow SPAM and Tweet SPAM As A Network Marketing Distributor

Follow SPAM is a term that Twitter uses to refer to people who are following a large number of people, yet no one is following them.

When Twitter sees an account that is following thousands of people yet very few of those people are following that person in return, Twitter considers that account as a possible target for Spamming.

Therefore you want to make sure you don’t have a large amount of people you are following without an equal amount of people following you in return.

In fact, it’s even better if you have the opposite scenario. You have a large amount of people following you, yet you are following a smaller amount of people. When someone on Twitter sees that, it immediately signals that you are a leader.

The other area you want to avoid is tweet SPAM. This is where you constantly send out messages promoting your network marketing company. If all your messages talk about is your business and nothing else, people will tend to stop following you.

When that happens they will no longer get your messages and be able to see what is going on.


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