Internet Network Marketing Success – The #1 Key Required For Success is Value

When getting started in internet network marketing, many distributors focus on writing the perfect copy, identifying the best lead generation strategy and slaving away at creating the perfect auto responder emails.

Are all of these things important in terms of building a successful network marketing business by prospecting over the internet? Yes they are. However, they are not the most important requirement in order to have success.

The number one most important requirement for having internet network marketing success is creating value in the minds of your prospects.

Value Based Internet Network Marketing Is Vital

What is value based internet network marketing?

This is when you offer something of value to your prospect in exchange for permission to promote something that allows you to benefit financially.This is Attraction Marketing.

For example, part of your internet network marketing campaign might include offering your prospect a free report that details seven ways use the internet to generate free leads. This is a valuable resource for many prospects because there are a lot of people who would like to know how to get free leads online.

Since the prospect sees value in this information, he or she is willing to provide their name and email address to you in exchange for it. In some cases, your prospect may even be willing to PAY you for this information.

In return for providing value to the prospect you gained permission to promote something that will allow you to profit financially.

In our case as network marketers, that something is our business opportunity.

Successful internet network marketers recognize that providing valuable information for your prospects is fundamental.

Don’t Fall Into the “My Business Opportunity Is Better” Trap

Too many network marketing distributors fall into the “my business opportunity is better than yours” trap.

This is one of the worst strategies for recruiting distributors who are in other network marketing companies. Yet despite the fact that this strategy rarely works, distributors still continue to use it on a regular basis. This is not the way to achieve network marketing success!

You are offering resources that are of value to other network marketing distributors so there is no need for you to compare your business opportunity to their business opportunity.

By shifting the conversation to one based on the resources you are offering which can help your prospects, you have a much better chance at recruiting them.

Here’s why. Unfortunately most distributors have poor uplines who aren’t investing the time and resources necessary to help their distributors succeed.

By offering valuable information, the distributor will be grateful to you. There is a chance that the distributor will inquire about you and your business opportunity.


If you want internet network marketing success, focus first on offering value. You will draw people to you and your business opportunity when you offer solutions for their problems instead of “just another business opportunity.”


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