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If you’re moving forward with your blog I want to offer a big tip… and suggest your next move.

But before I do I’d like to bring your attention to an article I’ve written about how you can hire others to write your content for you.  If you’re not really into writing all your own content and want to hire some professionals, go to this link and read how you can hire someone else, for rather inexpensively, to write your articles for you.

(That’s a long link… if you can’t click on it you’ll have to copy the entire link and paste it in your web browser to go to the web page).

A Big Tip to Start Marketing Your Blog…

If you have started creating some content on your blog, it’s time to start dabbling with your marketing.  Even if your blog isn’t completely ready for big-time marketing, it won’t hurt at all to start moving in this direction to get the search engines ‘seeing’ that your blog exists.  This will have a big long-run benefit as the search engines start categorizing your blog and filing it in its system.  That way, as your blog does become more presentable, you’ll have a head-start and the search engines will already by displaying your content to people out there searching for what you offer.

Also, I’ve found that if you start marketing your blog a bit now and you see yourself showing up on the search engines, it will motivate you!  You’ll get your blog in tip-top shape fast if you know hundreds of people are seeing an article there.

So how to begin marketing your blog:

If you haven’t done so already, start moving through the tutorials in the Social Marketing section on the Professional training area.  If you need a tour of the Professional back office I’m giving one this Saturday (I’ll send out an invitation for this tomorrow).

As you move through the tutorials you’ll be introduced to Squidoo.  If you link ‘anchor text’ at Squidoo to your blog, this will help your blog move on the search engines.  Be sure to watch all the tutorials on Squidoo and the Phase II marketing Webinar we did recently.  If you need help finding it be on Saturday’s tour of your back office.  In the Phase II marketing Webinar I give huge tips about how to improve your ranking on the search engines so people find you.

Basically, the more incoming links you have pointing to your Blog, the higher it will rank and the more likely people will find it.  So you can start doing this now if you have articles at your blog.  Again, if you start seeing some results this will motivate you to make your blog more presentable.  It’s OK to just begin.

Another way to get more links pointing to your blog is to link to it from your Ezinearticles resource box.  There is a tutorial in the Social Marketing area about how to do this.

Also, the Digg tutorials will show how you can ‘bookmark’ your blog and articles to get more incoming links.  Next, we’ll have a tutorial on how to use ‘Social Bookmarker’… it’s a tool that will allow you to bookmark tons of incoming links to your blog and blog articles to get much better rankings on the search engines.  This is how I’ve gotten my blog to receive so much exposure and visits.

If you don’t know what in the heck I’m talking about, it’s time you start going through the tutorials in the Social Marketing area at your Professional back office and start setting some of this up.  It’s an investment of time upfront–but it’s worth it.  Just go at your own pace.  As long as you move forward on some level (even if it’s small steps) it’s going to have a huge reward for you long-run.  Attraction marketing is leverage.  And you’re here at the right time.  Baby steps forward will bring huge rewards in your business… more so than anything else you could do with that time.  So just go at a pace you can afford and enjoy the process.

Again, we’ll do a tour of the Professional training area if you’d like to be shown around more.  We’ll do that on Saturday, March the 22nd at 10 PST (1 EST).  I’ll send an invitation out on the 20th.

Partners in success,
Mike Klingler

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