What Is ‘Internet Attraction Marketing’ and How Does it Help More Network Marketers Cash-in On The MLM Model?

Internet attraction marketing is exactly how it sounds…

You use the Internet to attract people into your business.

There are basically 3 parts to the Internet attraction model.

  1. Prospects find you on the net
  2. They give you permission to contact them
  3. You provide ongoing value to them by email, and keep your offers in front of them.

By having a prospect’s permission to be in communication and by providing value you’re gaining the same leverage in your marketing that TV and radio has enjoyed. People don’t mind looking at what you offer if you give them something first.

And since they gave permission for you to communicate with them on a specific subject (related to what you offer), this is a highly targeted list or prospects.  That translates into sales and people joining your business.

If you’re into online affiliate Internet marketing, check out how other successful Internet marketers are incorporating this into their model to increase cash flow and move into the network marketing residual income without ever doing the old tactics we loath in MLM.

If you’re a network marketer, learn about the 3 parts of Internet attraction marketing and how our unique training program can help you cash in to build your business.

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