Building On a Budget with Web 2.0 Social Marketing

If you’ve already been introduced to attraction marketing then you’re probably eager to get a move on.

If you’ve already started building your prospects list then this article will introduce you to the most powerful way to take it to the next level–as you build on a string-shoe budget.

Using Blogs can be a powerful way to generate traffic to your lead capture pages or web site.  This, in turn, increases the number of people joining your prospects list or buying the products you recommend.

But Blogs are only one of six Social marketing categories.  In our Marketing Merge Professional Training area, we cover these six categories and show how Blogs work with the other no and low cost strategies to create a synergistic effect.  This boosts your blog’s exposure exponentially.

The six categories of social marketing that you want to get working together are:

1. Content Sharing (ex:  Squidoo)

2. Articles (ex: Ezine Articles)

3. Book marking (ex: Digg)

4. Social Sites (ex: MySpace)

5. Blogs (such as what you’re looking at right now)

6. Video Sharing (ex: YouTube)

There are many social marketing sites (thousands of them) that fall into each of these six categories.  We teach how to use the most effective ones, and how to use necessary marketing tools to leverage those social sites for bigger results.

For example, in the case of Book marking, there are hundreds of locations where you can bookmark your blog articles in order to get higher ranking in the search engines.  But this can be time consuming if you’re doing them one at a time.

It’s a good strategy to bookmark your blog articles because the search engines rank sites and articles higher (so more people will find you) if they believe your content is popular.  By book marking your own articles (as long as you do it properly so you’re not considered a spammer and banned) you can give your blog tons of exposure.

One tool you can use is Social Marker to systematically bookmark your articles and sites more quickly.

At the Marketing Merge Professional training area, we walk you step-by-step through setting up your 6 social marketing categories and then show you how to get them working together to get tons more exposure, which means tons more prospects… and tons of business.

In fact, Web 2.0 social marketing, when used properly and synergistically, will create a storm of traffic and produce more leads than necessary to produce significant upfront cash-flow, while you attract key people into your network marketing business.

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